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dslr camera settings for jewelry photography

DSLR Camera Settings for Jewelry Photography

This quick camera settings guide skips the theory and walks you through how to determine the ideal DSLR camera settings based on your lighting set up. Who this guide is for. Ideal for beginners starting to use a DSLR to photograph jewelry to sell...

Best Camera and Lens for Jewelry Photography

Best Camera and Lens for Jewelry Photography?

There is no such thing as the best lens or best camera for jewelry photography – why: because you can get the same quality image using so many different cameras and lenses. The question should be – what is the best camera and lens based...

Macro Jewelry Photography

Macro Jewelry Photography & Focus Stacking

Macro photography isn’t just about buying a macro lens. There is a lot more to it. When photographing small jewelry products like rings, tiny studs, etc, you need to shoot from up close i.e. your camera needs to be around 8-12 inches away from...

What is DPI

What is DPI?

DPI is often misunderstood, especially when it comes to images used for the web. What is it and when do you need to think about this? Do you need 300DPI? Should you care? Here is a short description and some examples of use.

RAW v TIFF v JPG photography

Product Photography – RAW v. JPEG v. TIFF

Sometimes I have clients ask me for RAW images as output from a catalog photography project. This post is to explain the differences between the different file formats. Our output only includes JPG or PNG (if you need a transparent background) file...

Need Jewelry Photographer

How to Hire a Jewelry Photographer

Photographing jewelry is very different than photographing other products since you have to deal with reflections, scratches on metal, gemstones glare, etc. Here is a list of questions you should ask before you move ahead with a photographer.

jewelry photography courses

Online Jewelry Photography Courses

Jewelry photography can be challenging if you don’t have the right lighting, photoshop skills and props. But like most other things, there are different approaches to do the job. Some photographers prefer to set the lighting up perfectly for...