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wholesale jewelry making supplies

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies – Best Places to Buy

If your business is growing due to selling wholesale to stores or via retail marketplaces, you’re probably starting to look around for wholesale jewelry supplies. If you’ve been buying from local suppliers and are interested in exploring...

Guide to Selling Jewelry Wholesale to Stores

10 Step Guide to Selling Handmade Jewelry To Stores

I work with many handmade jewelry designers who want product photos for their website. However, I find that very few of them work with retailers and sell their jewelry wholesale to boutiques. This introductory 10-step guide will help designers start...

Sell Jewelry Online - Etsy Alternatives Websites

Sell Jewelry Online: 8 Etsy Alternatives

Have you settled into a routine selling jewelry in your Etsy store? Are you looking for Etsy alternative websites to sell your handmade jewelry? For independent jewelry artisans, creating a shop on Etsy is an obvious first choice. Etsy is one of the...